Welcome to Maná Radio

Maná Radio is a Radio station located in Spain, specifically in the region of Catalonia.

Our Radio born in the year 2006, and our goal is to convey a message of hope worldwide through Radio and also through the internet.

Maná Radio station which is a principles, programs and music, is based on the teachings of Jesus, and our motto is to share with people to hear a different way of life.

Maná Radio: Passion for Radio, passion for you

Passion for communicating.


  • To know something for someone, inform.
  • Spreading, convey a feeling.
  • Converse, deal with someone verbally or in writing.

Passion in our communities.

Communicator: A person who has the ability to communicate with the public in a reliable, pleasant and enjoyable.

Maná Radio is a station with a philosophy and social policy area completely and solidarity.

Goal: Purpose, objective someone trace

We are an NGO through the radio for a purpose: to bring hope and transmit values based on a philosophy and Christian vision of life.

Transmit Hope for whom?

There are many individuals and families who are suffering from various problems:

  • Drug addiction.
  • Physical abuse, and mental abuse of various kinds.
  • Bounce.
  • Solitude.
  • For all of them and anyone who wants to live the experience of a different radio: Maná Radio.


Our programming includes: (only in Spanish).

  • Interviews
  • Spaces for reflection
  • Current Gatherings
  • Testimonials
  • News
  • Music: Pop, Rock, R & B, Soul, Blues, Hip-Hop, Funky, Chill Out, Celtic, etc. and especially much Gospel.


Our music is provided by over 500 musicians from 30 different nations with a wide variety of styles and genres, so that will select the most you and enjoy the music that we offer daily.

One of the genres in which we have invested in our station is the GOSPEL, musical experts who claim to be in this century, the musical style most played around the world.


  • If you want to join our staff contact us by phone + 34 977 18 16 14
  • You can also collaborate with Maná Radio sending your donation.
  • Use the donate button to do your donation.

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